Here’s a letter to you. A letter to inspire you to trust yourself. 💌

I’m trusting myself, and the name & vibe of this community is pivoting ever so slightly. More on that in a bit. 😉

Back to inspiring you.
You know you best. You know what you were put on this earth for such a time as this to do. You know who you serve in your life, in your career, and in your business (if this is you).
You see, I’ve been avoiding telling you exactly what this is for me, in this season, right here & now, what I’ve been called to.
I’ve alluded to it.
I’ve hinted at it.
But I haven’t yet fully trusted myself and just shared it with you clearly and concisely.
I haven’t OWNED it.
I know that I can help a lot of women in unique ways, but a calling on my heart has been placed specifically for women who are building a business in part-time hours. To help them do this while they love their life.
I strongly believe that even as you’re in the early stages of business, you don’t have to come at everything (or anything) from a place of pressure and hustle. There’s a path of least resistance that can fuel your passion and creativity while making you money.

It’s available to you. And you’ll discover it only as you take the action you’re called to take. The vision becomes clearer and clearer.

It starts with the action. Trusting yourself, and taking more action. Reflecting, trusting yourself, and taking action.

Making money through your business. Your business that you’re passionate about. Your business that serves as a creative outlet in your life, too.
Making money may be a desire so that you can quit your 9-5, or it may be, like me, to have financial options. Multiple streams of revenue baby 😉
You can build this business. When I began this journey, I committed to focus more of my attention, energy & effort on productivity & workflow.
I knew then that time was the one thing I could never get back, and I was committed to figuring out what it looked like to work a 9-5, be a mom, a wife, build a business, and LOVE my life along the way.
I believed that if I truly mastered how to use it, the single constant unchanging thing (because sales, marketing, finances & all of that probably would change), the business side would figure itself out. I could work with the little I had in PEACE and FLOW.
So here I am, trusting myself.
This is a message that I don’t believe is being shared.
The angle, specifically, of business (not just being a mom), where you must manage your time. ESPECIALLY if you have other priorities in your life that occupy so much more of your time. That you WANT to occupy so much more of your time.

The time you spend NOT working on your business, in fact, is more important than the time you actually spend IN/ON your business.

Let me repeat that, the time AWAY from your business & living life to the fullest is more important than your “working” business hours. This is the secret to being focused & working in flow when you’re working.
This group is for you if you want to grow your skills in any one of these realms: your productivity, your time, your energy, your attention, your focus, your EXECUTION of the RIGHT things. Growing these skills in a FUN way that allows you to love every single facet of your life. The areas and realms of your life do NOT exist in a silo. Everything affects one another. It’s never been about work/life balance, but life integration on your terms. Business is a piece, your relationship is a piece, your kids are a piece, your career (if this is you) is a piece.
So many of us are in a place where we are working our business in part-time hours. How do we make the most of THIS time, and the time in the other areas of our life? Right now, where we are, in THIS season.
Whether you’re occupying other hours of your day with a full-time job, mommying full time, or just loving your life, it doesn’t matter.

If you are building your business in part-time hours and want to love your business and life while you work towards these goals, this community is for you.

Now, hanging around, you will still get a TON of value out of this group. But the messaging, and stories, and examples are more specifically going to speak specifically to the mama in this case. I know there are SO many of you in here in this boat. In fact, the majority of you probably are.
I’ve been dancing around being super clear and specific about talking to YOU.
And no one else is talking specifically to YOU.
There’s a huge gap in the market. It’s not about the market, anyways. This is what I WISH I had when I started. It was the exact thing I wanted to “figure out”. And forever I will be figuring it out and experimenting on myself “the hard way”.
You don’t need to have that “luxury”. You have a business to run. You have a difference to make. You have a life to love, right here, right now.
I’m peeling off all the resistance, the fear, the doubt, and stepping into what I’ve been called. And it all starts with leading this exact community I’ve been so humbled to have nurtured the last few years.
I give you complete permission to leave this group if you do not want your attention in this space. I love you, and there are no hard feelings. I completely understand.

The name of the free FB group is changing to “Goal Getter Mamas Building Online Businesses in Part-Time Hours”.

If you’re an ambitious mama building a business in part-time hours (which I know so many of you are), my hope is that you call this space even more home.

More incredibly exciting things to come on this front, ladies. Promo days, collaborations, all of it.

If you want to see something specific, send me a PM or comment below. I’d love to hear it. This space is for YOU.
Love you