Plan Like A Mom is now Productivity Babe!

the planner

Ready to achieve your goals while doing life & see your wins all in one place?

Life vs Goals Planner

This planner is a strategic blueprint to help you make progress on your goals every single day — meshing your big dreams with great action today. Your life, your goals, see the progress in one place.

✔︎ Keep your goals super visible so they are top of mind all the time. Mix your business goals, work goals, & life all in one place.

✔︎ Completely undated so that you can start and stop this planner with ZERO guilt.

✔︎ Have a plan of action that is clearly laid out that you are confident in the best darn approach for your life in this season! Easily tweak your routines, tools & goals.

Take a peek inside!

This planner was designed for maximum intention setting & flexibility. It’s exactly what I use to ensure my goals are moving forward — as a working mama who is building a business in part-time hours. I know you’ll love the process as much as I do.

Grab your playbook & achieve your goals in 21 days.

Want to take some inspired action & not worry about life getting in the way the next 3 weeks?

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    Be a Goal Getter Mama

    Build the profitable business of your dreams in part-time hours while you work a job and juggle everything else in life.

    Why Productivity babe exists

    That every ambitious working mama experiences time-freedom so that she can fulfill her calling, inspire those around her & love the journey of chasing her dreams. Even while working a job and juggling every thing in life.

    My goal for you:
    + Work in focus and flow by taking more imperfect and inspired action on your goals which will bring you more momentum, motivation & clarity.
    + Feel more accomplished by defining success for your life & business so that you know the next best action to take daily.
    + Live life on your terms to fulfill your heart’s calling & reach your wildest dreams.