Get more done in 21 days than you did in the last 3 months on your dreams while also doing life.

Don’t sacrifice everything else in your life  even if you’re working full time or starting a business on the side.

In this workbook, you’ll discover:

  • How to capture every single task in life and your next goal steps and how to give each task enough time.
  • The flawless 3-step framework to organize your to do list in a way that effectively balances progress on your long term priorities while effectively juggling those short term demands.
  • Why chasing your goals makes no sense if you’re not setting up systems to maintain your progress and exactly how to go about doing it.
  • Exactly how to take massive action even when life throws you crazy curve balls that you didn’t account for.
  • My 5 step process to craft a highly-strategic and exciting list of goal and life tasks for 21 days
“Alyssa’s creative ideas and productivity tips have helped me to grow both my business and my self-confidence as I struggle to juggle two young children and working from home. She is positive, relatable, and inspiring!”
Stacey Ventimigilia
"I've completed the Life Rank section and it helped me realize that part of why I feel in kind of a funk lately is because I'm so out of balance. I ranked my spiritual/physical health low and hobbies and fun too. Even though my main dream/goal is to take my business full time, I have to make these areas more of a priority. This forced me to actually acknowledge that."
Paula Hickey

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